Thursday, 27 October 2016

Batx 2: Grammar and vocabulary exam, unit 6

Hi, soon you will have a grammar and vocabulary exam. Laskenglish can help you prepare some points of the exam.

You have been dealing with lots of new words related to nature and environment: recycling, water conservation, natural phenomena, insects...

Here are a few exercises where you can practise some of the vocabulary learnt in this unit.

  • Matching exercise (synonyms)
  • Flashcards (translations)
  • Insects (quiz)
  • As for grammar, if you want to practise the passive, you have a good number of exercises in our grammar and skills section. We specially recommend:

    You could also practise infinitive and gerunds with us. Just go to this post. You will find theory and lots of exercises. Finally, there's also an exercise to practise the difference between "Prefer" and "would rather".

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